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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reorder my User Schema?

The Zephr User Schema determines the information that can be stored against a user’s profile in Blaize.

The order of the User Schema also determines the order in which you see this information on an individual user profile, and within the broader user list.

You can reorder this within the Identity Management section of your Admin Console. More details are available here.

Why can’t I see new pages published on my site?

Zephr caches the content from your Origin website as a means of improving your site performance when making access decisions.

By default, website content is cached for 10 minutes, meaning updates made to your CMS will take up to 10 minutes to propagate to the end user.

In some cases, you may wish for this cache to be removed – for example, if you publish breaking news and want pages from /breaking-news to be excluded from the cache.

You can remove or exclude content from the cache by adding a Cache Rule, or by Invalidating the Origin Cache.

What is Passwordless Authentication?

Zephr’s Passwordless Authentication feature allows end users to register and login to your site, via Zephr, without the need to enter a password.

This process works through the use of email verification – user’s logging into your site will enter their email address, and an email will be sent that includes an access link. Clicking on this link will redirect your users to your website, and log them in.

The tokens generated for this access link are for single use only. If a user tries to use the link for a second time, they will receive an error and Zephr will not log them in.

Broken Feature Rules

In this FAQ we’ll answer questions around regular issues we see regarding broken Feature Rules.

Your Feature Rules need to be connected otherwise Zephr will view this as misconfiguration and “fail open” ie. all the content viewed via Zephr will be visible.

In order to make sure the Feature Rules are connected you’ll need to ensure the work flow is joined up without any in the admin console.

For example;



Redirecting from Resources

After hiding the download button, you may also wish to remove access to the sections of your site where downloadable content is hosted. For this, you will use request rules.

Add a new Request Rule – for example ‘Download Content’

Under Conditions, check ‘URL Path Matches’

Enter the URL path for Downloadable content – ideally a pattern, e.g. ‘/downloads/*’ or this could be for a specific path.

Within your rule, add an Entitlement check for your Download Entitlement. If yes, choose Allow (under Responses). If no, set what you would like the desired outcome to be – for example, you may wish to use a Simple Redirect to send users to a page that displays a paywall.