Zephr User Guide

Create a Key Pair

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To create a key pair, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Admin User Settings icon (Admin User Settings icon)
  2. Select Key Pairs

    The Manage Key Pairs screen displays, as illustrated below:

    Manage Key Pairs

    Your current key pairs are listed.

  3. Select the Issue KeyPair button

    The Key Pair Created dialog box displays with the generated Access key and Secret key are generated, as illustrated below:

    Key Pair Created

    Note: Ensure that you make a note of the Secret key and store it securely, as you cannot retrieve it after closing this dialog box.

  4. Select the OK button to close the dialog box

Using the REST API

You can also create keypairs using the REST API using the following POST request:

POST /v3/admin/users/{user_id}/keypairs

Note: No body is required in this request.

The response to this POST request is as follows:

   "access_key": "access key...",   
   "secret_key": "secret key...",   
   "message": "Keypair created: you will not be able to recover the secret, so take note of it" 

Note: As the Secret key cannot be recovered, ensure that you record the payload from this request and store it securely.