Zephr User Guide

Delete a Role

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You can delete any user roles that you have added. You cannot delete the default Owner and Administrator roles.

If you delete a user role, and users that currently have that user role are automatically assigned to the Administrator role.

Note: If the current user role allows users to generate shareable links, this privilege is lost when they are assigned to the Administrator role.

To delete a role, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Admin User Settings icon (Admin User Settings Icon)
  2. Select Roles

    The Roles screen displays

  3. Select the three dots at the end of the row for the user role you want to delete
  4. Select Delete

    A confirmation dialog box displays, as illustrated below:

    Confirm Deletion

  5. Select the Yes! Delete button to delete the user role. Selecting the Cancel button closes the dialog box without deleting the user role