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How to Create Account Branded Pages

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Zephr-generated company account management pages can be branded for each account. You can also enable sign-in through OpenID Connect for these pages.

For example, for a company account with Google you can create login and account management pages specifically for Google employees.

To create account-branded pages, complete the following steps:

  1. Add a page, ensuring that you select the Yes radio button from the Use this page as a template for account branded page options

    For further information on adding pages, see the Create a Page topic.

  2. Activate pages in the Account Branded Pages section when adding or editing your company account

    For further information on activating pages for account-branded pages, see the Account Branded Pages topic.

    When a user navigates to the company account-specific page URL, for example /zephr/corporate-accounts, the branded page displays, as shown in the example illustration below:

    Pages - Branded Company Account Example

    You can use these pages to provide a personalised experience for users.

  3. If required, allow users to sign in without entering information that has already been supplied by using federated authentication through OpenID Connect

    For further information on configuring sign in with OpenID Connect, see the Account Branded Pages topic.

    Once set up, users can select the Continue with Open ID Connect button to select an account to use when registering on your site. The accounts that can be selected are based on the authentication configured in OpenID Connect. For example when registering for an account as shown in the illustration below:

    Open ID Connect - Sign In Example

    After this screen, a further screen displays to request further registration information. Any information that is retrieved from OpenID Connect, using the mapping of fields to Zephr user attributes, are pre-filled. When the user selects the Complete Registration button, they are added as a user in Zephr and in the relevant company account.

    Note: If all information can be mapped from OpenID Connect fields to the form fields, the screen requesting further information is not displayed and the user is automatically registered.