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Creating Account Branded Pages

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When using Zephr’s Pages functionality, you have the option to create additional pages specifically branded for each of your company accounts. Within each of these pages, you also have the opportunity to allow end-users to sign in using Open ID Connect.

This guide details how to create these pages and enable sign in using Open ID Connect.

Creating Account Branded Pages

A branded Company Account page is a Zephr-generated page that is specifically branded for the Company Account a user is trying to access.

For example, if you have a corporate account with Google, you may wish to create a login or account management page specifically for Google employees.

Account branded pages can be created by selecting the ‘Use this page as a template for account branded page’ toggle in the initial ‘Add A Page’ screen of any Page. To learn more about creating a Page, read our Pages guide.

When this is enabled, navigate to B2B > Companies & Accounts and select the account you would like a branded page for, or alternatively add a new account.

At the bottom of the Company Account page, you will see a section for Account Branded Pages. Select Activate.

Zephr can create account branded pages by uploading a logo to this account.

Upload the logo relevant to the Company Account you are currently viewing.

Once uploaded, enter the URL you wish to have available for the Account Owners of the Company Account.

Pages - Account Branded Pages - Logo Upload

For example, as we are editing the Zephr Company Account, we are using /zephr. Account Owners coming to our site will be able to use this URL to see the company-specific user management page.

Once added, click confirm on your URL.

A section will appear, with a list of all the pages you have created that have the ‘Use this page as a template for account branded pages’ option set to yes.

Pages - Selecting an Account Branded Page

Select the relevant page, then click Save.

As per the image above, your branded Page is now available at the URL selected. This is a combination of the URL set for the Company Account (/zephr) and the URL set for the page itself (/corporate-accounts).

Pages - Branded Company Account Example

You can now send the relevant users to these pages for a more personalised experience.

Company Account Sign In Using Open ID Connect

As part of our B2B offering, Zephr allows users signing up using branded company account pages to register using Open ID Connect.

This system allows end-users to register to Zephr’s Identity Module (and your site) without having to fill in details that have already been provided to a third party. This form of registration is known as Federated Authentication.

Enabling Federated Authentication

To enable Federated Authentication, you will need to have created a branded corporate account registration page, following the instructions above. You will also need to have configured Open ID Connect for the relevant authentication.

First, set the Federated Authentication toggle to enabled.

A new section, titled ‘Allow Sign In with Open ID Connect’ will display. Here you’ll need to enter the following information:

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Authorisation Endpoint
  • Token Endpoint
  • User Info Endpoint

This information will be provided within your Open ID Connect console.

Open ID Connect - Configuration Example

Following this, you will have the opportunity to create a mapping between Open ID Connect Field Names and Zephr User Attributes.

This section associates information coming from Open ID Connect with User Attributes in Zephr, so the information can be stored within Zephr’s Identity Module. This means your end-users won’t have to fill out unnecessary fields when they register.

To create a mapping, click ‘Add User Attribute And Field Name’. Select a Zephr User Attribute from the dropdown list, then add the name of the relevant Open ID Connect Field Name to the Field Name section.

Open ID Connect - Mapping Example

Click Save, then repeat as required.

Once you have mapped all of the relevant fields, click Save on your Company Account page.

Company Account Sign In With Open ID Connect

With the steps above complete, users navigating to the relevant company account registration page will be able to select ‘Continue With Open ID Connect’ when registering for an account.

Open ID Connect - Sign In Example

Selecting the ‘Continue With Open ID Connect’ option allows them to pick an account to register to your site with, based upon the authentication set up you have created within Open ID Connect.

Following this, a page asking for further registration details may display. Any information retrieved from Open ID Connect through the fields mapped above will be added, and users will be able to supply additional information if required.

Once they have filled out this additional form, clicking Complete Registration will add them as a user in Zephr and add them to the relevant Company Account.

If all fields can be mapped using Open ID Connect, we will not show the page for a user to add additional information. Instead, users will be automatically registered.