Zephr User Guide

Data Protection

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Zephr comes equipped with a range of out-of-the-box settings to ensure you meet data protection regulations when using the Zephr Identity Management Platform.

Note: These settings can only be used with the Zephr CDN.

Inactive User Retention Period

Zephr offers the ability to set an inactive user retention period to set how long you hold inactive user accounts for.

To configure this, navigate to the Identity Module within your Zephr Admin Console, then click Settings. At the top of the page, you will see the heading Data Protection Regulations and a dropdown field called Inactive User Retention Period.

Set the period for your data retention, then click Save.

Data Protection Regulations - User Retention Period Drop Down

Once saved, any users who have not had an active session within Zephr for that period will have their details removed from your Identity Store. Users who return to your site following this will need to register again before being able to log in. You can see how long a user has been inactive for by visiting their profile page.