Zephr User Guide

View Shared Products

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To view the shared products that a user has subscribed to, or had shared with them, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Identity from the main menu
  2. Select Users from the menu options
  3. Select the user from the list, or use the filter to find the user. For further information on using the filter, see the Search or Filter the User List topic

    The User Details screen displays.

  4. Select the Shared Products button

    The Shared Products screen displays, as illustrated below:

    Shared Products

    By default, the Shared by user radio button is selected from the View products options, and the products shared by the user are displayed. As you can see in the screen above, a summary of the number of shared seats and the total available seats is also displayed.

    For information on viewing the details of a shared product, see the View the Details of a Shared Product topic.

  5. To see the products that have been shared with the user, select the Shared with user radio button from the View products options

    The products shared with the user display, as illustrated below:

    Products Shared with User

    This provides the name of the shared product, the user who shared the product, and the status. The status can be any of the following:

    • Active

      A status of Active means that the shared product has a valid grant and is in use.

    • Inactive

      A status of Inactive means that the shared product does not have a valid grant. This could be because the owner no longer holds that subscription, or, for example, because a payment has not yet been successful.

    • Pending

      A status of Pending means that an invitation has been sent, but has not yet been accepted.