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Adding A "Registration Successful' Message For Newly Registered Users

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By default, once a user has successfully completed a Zephr Registration Form, they will be redirected back to the article or page they were viewing beforehand. 

Some of our customers like to show a ‘Registration Successful’ message on the page to help their end-users see they have registered successfully. This article details how to do this. 

Creating a Registered Segment

Firstly, we want to create a segment to allow us to recognise when a user has initially registered. 

To do this, navigate to Identity > User Segments then click Create a Segment. 

Successfully Registered - Creating a Segment

Give your segment a label, for example, Registered, then click Save. 

Once saved, navigate back to the Feature Rule where your registration form is in place. 

Adding a Successfully Registered Message

On the Registered tab of your rule, navigate to User and drag the ‘Segment’ Decision Node onto your canvas.

Successful Registration - Segment Selection

Select your Registered segment from the list, then click Save. Connect this node to the ‘Page View’ node at the beginning of the Registered Rule. 

Successful Registration - Segment Check

Next, select the User tab of the Rules Palette, and drag the Add to Segment node to your canvas. From the dropdown, select Newly Registered, then click Save.

Connect this to the ‘No’ output of your Segment check. This will mean that users who are coming to the Registered part of your rule for the first time will be added to the Registered Segment. 

Successful Registration - Add To Segment

Because we now know these users are on their first page view as a registered user, we can create an outcome to display a ‘Registration Success’ message to them. Click the Outcomes tab of the Rules Palette, then click Add Outcome. 

Name your Outcome Registration Successful. Under Components, select ‘Show All Content’ for your main Feature Component. 

Successful Registration - Registration Successful Outcome Creation

Next, click Add A New Form Or Custom Component Block and select Add Custom Component Block. (Note: for this example, we are creating a generic custom component block, however, you may use a templated component from your Component Library, or create your own custom component block).

Here you can use HTML and or Visual Editor to create a message for your users – perhaps saying their registration has been successful or saying thanks for registering. 

Successful Registration - Custom Component Creation

Once created, click Save. 

Use the drag and drop to move the custom component block to sit above the Feature Component. This will ensure, for example, that the thank you message sits above your article content. 

Click Save. 

Drag your new Outcome onto the canvas and connect it to the output of the Add to Segment Node. 

Successful Registration - Custom Component Added As Outcome

For users who are already in the Registered segment, complete the rest of your registered user rule as normal, connecting it to the ‘Yes’ output of the Registered Segment. 

Successful Registration - Complete Rule

Save and publish your rule.

Now, all users coming to the feature as a registered user for the first time will see your thank you message and be added to the Registered segment.

Successful Registration - In Situ Example

Once in this segment, they will bypass the thank you message and see the regular customer journey as you have specified within your rule.