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Create Your Registration Form Outcome

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After building your feature, you must add a registration form outcome to the feature rule. This ensures that when an anonymous user accesses your content, they must register before they can view it.

To create your registration form outcome in the rules builder, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Outcomes segment title from the decision bar
  2. Select Add Outcome

    The Add an Outcome screen displays, as illustrated below:

    Add an Outcome

  3. Enter Registration Form in the Title text box
  4. Optionally, enter a description of the outcome in the Description text box
  5. Select the Add a New Form or Custom Component Block button
  6. Select the Add button under the Form heading

    The Form Details screen displays, as illustrated below:

    Form Details

    By default, the Registration radio button is selected and the Title text box is pre-filled with Registration Form.

  7. Define the fields for the Account Verification step in your form as described in the Create a Login, Registration, or Forgot Password Form topic
  8. Select the Registration button
  9. Define the fields that you want to make available on your registration form as described in the Define a Registration Form topic

    In the Enter Required Information Section, add the two user attributes that we created in the Add Your User Attributes topic and select the Required toggle for each field to make them mandotory.

  10. Select the Done button to save your registration form and return to the Form Details screen. The Registration Form is added to the list of components
  11. Define your lead-in text, as described in the Show or Hide Content topic

    For this example, enter 20 in the How many words? text box, and select Fade Out from the Style drop-down menu.

  12. Select the Save button to save your outcome and return to the rules builder

    Your Registration Form outcome is added to the decision bar.

We can now build the anonymous rule to display the registration form outcome when an anonymous user accesses your content as described in the Build the Anonymous Rule topic.