Zephr User Guide

Create Your Product

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Before you can offer your subscriptions to your registered users, you must define at least one product. You can select the features that are packaged in your product and monetise access to your content using third-party payment providers.

Before you create a product, ensure that you have done the following:

  • Created the feature that you want to include in the product. For this example, we use the feature that we created in the Build Your Feature topic
  • Set up your chosen payment provider with the plan or subscription options that you want to offer, as described in the Payments topic

To create your product, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Products from the main menu
  2. Select Catalogue from the menu options

    The Catalogue screen displays, as illustrated below:


  3. Select the Add a Product button

    The Add a Product screen displays, as illustrated below:

    Add a Product

  4. Enter a name for your product in the Title text box
  5. Optionally, add a description of the product in the Description text box
  6. Select the checkbox beside the Article feature we created earlier to include it in the product

    A further section displays, as illustrated below:

    Add Sites to Feature

  7. Select the Add Sites & Site Groups button

    The Add Sites and Groups dialog box displays, as illustrated below:

    Add Sites and Site Groups

    Complete this dialog box as follows:

    1. Start entering the name of the site we created in the Set Up Your Site topic in the text box, sites that match the characters that you enter are listed
    2. Select the site from the list
    3. Select the Add button to save your updates and return to the Add a Product screen. Selecting the Cancel button displays the Add a Product screen without saving any changes
  8. Select the Add A Payment Option button

    The Add Payment Option dialog box displays, as illustrated below:

    Add Payment Option

  9. Add the payment plans that you created as described in the Create a Product topic
  10. Select the Save button to save your product

Now that we have our product set up for use in our payment form outcome, we can return to our feature and start defining our registered user journey. To start, we create the trial that allows them two views of content each week.