Zephr User Guide

Create Your Trial

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A trial allows you to grant limited access to a feature on a one-off or recurring basis.

We’re going to offer registered users a free trial or two views each week, so that they can see the quality of our content. To do this, we use a Basic Trial. For further examples of using Basic and Advanced Trials, see the Example Trials topic.

Note: You can use trials in the same way for both features and redirects. For further information on using trials in redirects, see the Access topic.

To create your trial, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the feature we created in the Build Your Feature topic as follows:
    1. Select Products from the main menu
    2. Select Features from the menu options
    3. Select the Article feature
    4. Select the version to update

      The rules builder displays

  2. Select the circle beneath Registered in the user type selector bar

    A blank canvas displays.

  3. Select the Access segment title from the decision bar and drag the Trials decision node to your rules canvas

    The Trials dialog box displays, as illustrated below:

    The Trial dialog box displays, as illustrated below:

    Trial - Basic

  4. Enter 2 in the Limit of field

    This limits the number of content views to two.

  5. Select Page Views from the first drop-down

    This means that every view is counted toward the limit; even repeat views of the same content.

  6. Select In the last from the second drop-down

    This allows you to define the duration for which the limit applies.

  7. Enter 7 in the last field

    This limits the duration to seven days.

  8. Select the Save button

    The Trials decision node is added to your rules canvas.

We’ll connect the decision node when we build the rule.

Now, we create the payment form outcome that we’ll use when the trial expires.