Zephr User Guide

Configure Cache Rules

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By default, content is cached for ten minutes. This means that updates to you CMS take up to five minutes to appear on your customer site through Zephr.

You can change the cache settings, for example to do the following:

  • Improve site performance when making access decisions
  • Publish breaking news immediately

To configure cache rules, select the Cache Rules button in the Add a Site screen. The Cache Rules screen displays, as illustrated below:

Cache Rules

By default, two rules are enabled. These rules refer to headers sent from your origin. You can disable them using the toggles. The rules are as follows:

  • Honour cache-Control: s-maxage=?. Tells proxy caches the length of the cache period. The s-maxage header determines when cached content is eligible for background refresh; this must be passed in responses from your origin. Disable this if you do not want the cache time to be honoured

    Note: Zephr usually uses its own settings and ignores s-manage=?. By default, content is cached for a day and refreshed in the background after five minutes. This means that there is a short delay before the updated files are served and the changes reflected on your site.

  • Honour Vary: User-Agent. Tells proxy caches that the cache uses the user agent to serve different pages. For example, this can be used to serve site.com/breaking-news as one version for mobile users and another version for desktop users. Disable this if you do not want to serve different versions depending on the user agent

From this screen, you can do the following:

When you have finished configuring your cache rules, select the Done button to return to the Add a Site screen.