Zephr User Guide

Configure Site Domains

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Site domains allow you to use Zephr from a number of different domains to access the same origin. You can define domain overrides to expose URLs that allow the end-user to access your site through the Zephr CDN.

To configure site domains, select the Site Domains button in the Add a Site screen. The Domains screen displays, as illustrated below:

Site Domains

By default, Zephr creates the following subdomains:

  • {yoursite}.{yourorganisation}.cdn.zephr.com. Set to Preferred Live Environment
  • {yoursite}.{yourorganisation}.preview.zephr.com. Set to Preferred Staging Environment

You can use either of these subdomains before going live; for example to test your site. When your site is live, you can use the {yoursite}.{yourorganisation}.preview.zephr.com subdomain to stage and test your rules before publishing them.

From this screen you can do the following:

When you have finished configuring your site domains, select the Done button to return to the Add a Site screen.