Zephr User Guide

Add a Site Domain

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To add a site domain, for example for testing purposes, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Add a Domain button in the Domains screen

    The Add a Domain dialog box displays, as illustrated below:

    Add a Domain

  2. Enter the domain in the Domain text box

    Note: Do not use your real domain until you are ready to go live. Enter your real domain when you are ready to trigger the go live process.

  3. Select the appropriate environment for the domain from the Environment radio buttons. The options are as follows:
    • Live
    • Staging
  4. Select the Save button to save the domain and return to the Domains screen. Selecting the Cancel button returns you to the Domains screen without adding a domain

Note: After going live, you must add all domains used in your base URL and any subdomains. For example, the www.zephr.com and zephr.com domains and shop.zephr.com subdomain. For further information on going live, see the Go-Live Guide.