Zephr User Guide

Example Authentication Pages

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The logo, titles, identifier and background colour you define are used in log in and consent pages, which are created by Zephr to obtain authorization and consent from the end user, as follows:

  • The login page asks the end user to log in, if they are not already logged in, as shown in the following illustration:

    Example Login Page

  • The consent page asks the end user to consent to the third-party grants, as illustrated below:

    Example Consent Page

    The grants can be any of the following:

    • user.account read
    • user.profile:read
    • user.profile:update

    When an end user selects the Allow button on your consent page, they are redirected to the URL that you specified in the redirect URI with an authorisation code, which can be exchanged for an access token.

    You can find the authorisation code as described in Get the User Token.