Zephr Classic User Guide


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Bypasses in Zephr allow you to offer extra access to users without the need for them to have the entitlement used within your decision or access rule.

It does this by allowing your user to bypass the entitlement check being used within your rule. In this instance, every entitlement check made for the user will return true, regardless of that user’s entitlement model. For example, if you have a rule requiring a user to have an Article entitlement in order to view content, users meeting the criteria of one of the bypasses will be able to view content that requires the Article entitlement for access, regardless of not having the entitlement granted.

It’s worth noting, Zephr Bypasses do not bypass the requirement for a user to be logged in. For example, if your rule firsts checks to see if a user is logged in, and the user with a bypass is not, then they will need to login before getting access to the content.

Bypasses can take a few forms within Zephr, including being used through Gifts, Trusted Referrers, and IP Whitelists. Click through for more detail on each of the Bypass options: