Zephr Classic User Guide


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Zephr allows your to grant single access links for users, using the Gifts functionality. Using Gifts generates a link which grants users a single use access to a specific URL, regardless of their entitlements.

Configuring your Gift URL

To use the Gift functionality within Zephr you will need to have your Gift URL configured. This is the base URL that is used within the Gift link, and will often be your core website URL.

To set this up, navigate to Settings > CDN and find the Gifts heading under Configuration. Enter the base URL for gift links, then click Save.

Shows setting for configuring the gift base URL within the Admin Console

Adding a Gift

  • Navigate to Entitlement Manger > Gifts
  • Click Add Gift
  • In the modal that pops up, paste the slug of the page that you wish to grant access to.

  • Click Create Gift.

This will generate a link, which can be sent to a user for single use access to the page assigned to the gift.

Once created, a list of unclaimed gifts will be available under Entitlement Manager > Gifts. You can remove these by clicking Delete next to the relevant Gift.