Zephr Classic User Guide

IP Whitelist

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The Zephr  IP Whitelist feature allows you to set a series of IP addresses to bypass the Entitlement checks that take place within your Rules.

This means users coming to your site from the IP addresses you have listed will not require any of the Entitlements checked for within your Zephr Rules. This is helpful for granting access to users on scale – for example, providing free access to your content for guests using your company wifi, or staff within your company offices.

The IP Whitelist can be set up by navigating to Entitlement Manager > Bypasses > IP Whitelist. Simply add the IP Addresses to the Edit IP Whitelist field as a newline delimited list (a new line for each IP) and click Save.

Zephr accepts IPv4 and IPv6 addresses or CIDR blocks.