Zephr Classic User Guide

Creating Products

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Products in Zephr allow for a mapping between an external product holding and a Bundle created within Zephr. These Products can be granted via API, via our integration with Braintree, or by interpreting product holdings within a JWT token.

When creating a Product within Zephr, ensure that the Bundle you wish to map it to is already created.

To create a Product, navigate to Entitlement Manager > Products within the Zephr Admin Console and click Add Product.

Complete the following fields:

  • Label – Name the Product
  • Entitlement Bundle – Select the Bundle you wish to map this Product to.

If you are using Braintree for recurring payments

Under Payment Methods, select Braintree (Recurring).

Enter your Braintree Plan ID, which you will have set up within Braintree when creating the subscription. If you do not know how to find this information, navigate to the Plans tab of your Braintree account. Here you will find a list of plans. Your Plan ID can be found in the Plan ID column.

Pick the Plan ID you wish to correspond to with the Zephr Product and add it to the input box, then click Add Product.

Once you have added the Product, you will need to navigate back to Braintree and create a Webhook, which will communicate with Zephr to let us know when the subscription has successfully been purchased.

To do this, navigate to API > Webhook within Braintree, then click Create New Webhook.

Under Destination URL (HTTPS only) enter your Zephr Public API URL in the following format:

https://[your domain].cdn.blaize.io/blaize/payment/braintree/subscriptionChargedCallback

Under Notifications, tick Charged Successfully, then click Create Webhook at the bottom of the page.

You can test this integration by adding a Rule within Zephr to display a Paywall UI Component to Users who need to purchase a subscription, then testing this Paywall results in the correct grants being given in Zephr. Find out more about testing rules in our Tagging and Testing Rules guide.

If you are using Braintree for one-off payments

Under Payment Methods, select Braintree (One-off). This will open a modal window allowing you to add Price Points for your product. Add these by giving the Price Point a Label, such as Seven Day Pass, and then add a Price. Once complete, click Add Price Point.

Once complete, click Add Product.

If you are using a JWT integration

Ensure you have first enabled JWT syncing for your instance of Zephr. For details on how to do this, visit our guide for Using JWT with Zephr.

Under Session Auto-assignment Methods, Check the Auto-assign from JWT tick box.

Under Claim Value, add the value that will be received within the JWT for the product holding.

Click Add Product.