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Go-Live Guide

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This guide discusses the steps needed to make your Zephr site Live on your own public domain. It focuses on the network concerns and not the implementation of business requirements, which are covered by your success criteria and the onboarding process.

Before Going Live

The following checklist provides the minimum, essential steps you should follow before making your site live. This list may not be exhaustive and your own setup and requirements should be considered; if you feel uncomfortable with any part of the go-live process or planning, a technical consultant from Zephr would be happy to discuss the process with you.

We recommend you start this process at least one week before your intended ‘go-live’ date to ensure there is enough time to complete the following steps.


  • Configure your relevant Sites within the Delivery Module of Zephr. Your Origin URL MUST be different from the main domain your customers will use. Make sure you use the correct HTTPS or HTTP in the Origin URL, and test the URL to ensure it works before you intend to go live. Zephr will create two default subdomains:
      1. {yoursite}.cdn.zephr.com (set to preferred Live)
      2. {yoursite}.preview.zephr.com (set to preferred Staging)

Site Configuration - Test Domains

  • Configure your Zephr Feature Rules and integration, then complete testing using the domains created above.
  • Once your testing is complete and you are ready for your live site to run through the Zephr CDN, navigate to the Site Configuration page in your Zephr Admin Console, and add your live site’s vanity URL as a new domain, set to the ‘Live’ environment. Make sure you hit ‘Save’ at the bottom of the Site Configuration page before navigating away.Site Configuration - Add New Domain
  • A public SSL certificate for the Zephr CDN will be requested for you automatically (once you add your live Domain in the console). This step must be carried out in order for your site to be considered secure by most modern web browsers. In order for us to prove your ownership, we will then ask you to create some CNAME DNS entries with random numbers in them – this must be completed within 48 hours of you starting the process so please ensure you have access to your DNS servers.
  • While the new CloudFront distribution with the domain(s) are being set up, you can monitor the progress by using the Track Progress screen found on the Site Configuration page.Site Configuration - Track Domain Progress
  • Once the CF Distribution has deployed and you are ready to run your site through the Zephr CDN, you will be prompted to add another DNS record, repointing your domain to our CDN. Please Note: It will take between 24 – 48 hours for the new DNS records to become active.
  • As you change the DNS record, navigate back to the Domains section of the Site Configuration, and set your newly added domain to the ‘Preferred Live’ setting. This will ensure that all hygiene emails, such as password reset and email verification, link to the correct domain. Remember to save this setting.

Please Note: only rules which are published live will affect your site once you have re-pointed your domain to the Zephr CDN. You have the ability to ‘stage’ rules before you push them live by using the Zephr Preview environment.

Go Live Checklist

  • Make sure you whitelist Zephr IP’s – contact support@zephr.com for an up-to-date list.
  • Ensure all email templates (e.g. user reset password) are branded/amended if required.
  • Check The ‘from’ email address for email templates is changed and verified to an email address you own.
  • Read our Email Deliverability guide and make any necessary updates.
  • Confirm you have selected your main URL as the ‘preferred live’ option.
  • Confirm user settings such as password strength, email verification and account sharing are set-up.
  • Fully end-to-end test all Feature Rules, user journey flows, and Redirect Rules. 
  • Test the configuration of your Datalayer and all Webhooks. 
  • Trial some sample API’s using the API Documentation.
  • Read our User Guide to be more familiar with Zephr Concepts.