Zephr User Guide

Add a Scheduled Payment Plan

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You can only add a scheduled payment plan if using Stripe as your payment provider. For further information on setting Stripe as your payment provider, see the Stripe topic.

To add a Scheduled payment plan, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Scheduled Payment Plan radio button from the Type of Plan options

    The Add Payment Option displays, as illustrated below:

    Add Payment Option

  2. Enter a name for the payment plan in the Scheduled Payment Plan Title text box
  3. Select the payment plan to use

    You can select a payment plan in the following ways:

    • Start entering the name of the payment option in the text box, options that match the characters that you enter are listed as illustrated below:

      Enter the name

      Select the option to add from the list.

    • Select the Or browse payment plans link. Your configured payment options are listed, as illustrated below:

      Browse payment plans

      Select the range that contains the starting character of your payment option name. The relevant payment plans display as illustrated below:

      Browse payment plans expanded

      Select the payment plan to add. The payment plan information displays.

  4. Select the Add to Schedule button
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to add subsequent payment plans to your schedule
  6. Select the Add button to save your scheduled payment plan and return to the Add a Product screen. Selecting the Cancel button displays the Add a Product screen without saving the payment plan