Zephr Beta User Guide

Building a Payment Form

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Payment Forms in Zephr are your out-of-the-box way to add a Paywall to your site. Choose your Product, select your Payment Options, and Zephr will do the heavy lifting to build a form for your end users to buy your products with.

As a prerequisite to this user guide, we recommend you read our Products guide and set up at least one product with a corresponding payment option before following this guide.

Creating a Payment Form

To create a payment form, navigate to the relevant Zephr Feature and select Add Outcome from the decision bar.

Scroll to the Components section, select Add a Component, then click the Add button below the Payment Form option.

This will take you to the Add Payment Form page. Along the top, you’ll see tabs for Payment Options and Custom CSS.

Payment Form Tabs

Custom CSS allows you to style your form to suit your brand. Payment Options is what we’ll focus on for this user guide.

First, complete the Details for your form, by giving it a Title and optional Description.

Next,  select the product you want available for purchase on the form. If you haven’t set up any Products yet, take a look at our Products guide.

Select the Product you wish to associate with the form from the dropdown. Below, you will see a section for Payment Options. Click Add a Payment Option and a modal will open.

Under the Select a Plan field you will see a list of payment options linked to the product you have selected on the previous page. Select an option, and write a description. This description will be shown to your end-users when they view and choose this payment plan.

Add Payment Option Modal

Click Add.

Your payment option will now be available on the payment form screen. Repeat this process to add more payment options until you’re happy with the options available on your form.

The Recommended toggle will add a Recommended tag to each product it is checked against. For example, if you offer a monthly plan at $10 per month, and an annual payment option at $100 per year, you may wish to ‘Recommend’ the annual option as it is the best value for money.

Example Payment Options

Once complete, click Save.

To preview your Outcome, click the Preview button. This will show you what your form will look like in line with your Article content.

Form Preview - In Line Registration

To close the preview, click Close.

When you’re happy with your Outcome, click Save, then drag the Paywall Outcome onto your rule canvas, connect it to your user journey, then save and publish your rule.