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Using Component Library Templates in an Outcome

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Zephr’s Component Library lets you create UI templates with customisable variables, based on HTML templates you’ve created specifically for your company.

Once created, these components can be added within Feature Outcomes, and you can specify the values displayed within each variable.

If you haven’t added any templates to your Component Library, take a read of our Component Library guide. Otherwise, continue reading to see how to use these templates in your customer journeys.

Using Component Library Templates in an Outcome

Navigate to, or create, the Outcome you wish to display a component library template in.

Under Components, click Add a Component, and select Add From Component Library.

A list of your available templates will display, hover over the template you wish to use, and click Select Template.

Component Library - Select a Template

Set Your Content

A new modal will open, displaying each of the variables you have set for your template.

Variables set as Text types will allow you to enter a line of text. Textarea allows for a body of text, and Color types have a color select box.

Set your fields in line with what you would like to display, then click Save.

Component Library - Set Content

Once saved, save your outcome and add it to your rule as required. Once your rule has been published, your component will display in the relevant section of your site, with the variable values you set included.