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Using Zephr Functionality Through Third-Party CDNs

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There are some instances in which a Zephr customer chooses to use an existing, non-Zephr CDN, but would still like the benefit of using Zephr’s various out-of-the-box elements, such as forms, extensions and SSO.

To do this, clients can use our Browser-Side HTML Features, by deploying a JavaScript library into their site pages and proxying requests to forward all /zephr and /blaize calls.


  • Access to your existing CDN configuration, to forward all the /zephr and /blaize calls
  • Depending on the component you are trying to use, you need to ensure that any field relevant to the component is also passed as part of the reverse proxy call

Using Out-Of-The-Box Functionality

For this particular implementation to work, reverse or forward proxy any browser requests towards www.domain.com/blaize* and www.domain.com/zephr* from your domain to the Zephr CDN, using the same paths.

Depending on the type of RegEx you are using, we will use the pattern of /blaize* or /blaize/*.

Forward Path Request Browser Side JS Integration (Non-CDN)

You can find your particular Zephr domain by navigating to Delivery > Sites > Site Domains within the Zephr Console.

Finding Site Domains

You will also need to add your domain to Zephr’s CORS Allowed Origins and ensure that your Cookie Domain is set up correctly.

CORS Allowed Origins and Cookie Domains

These settings can be found within Delivery > Sites > Browser Configuration.

Once completed, Zephr’s out-of-the-box functionality will be available for all In-Browser HTML Features.