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HTML Features with the CDN Transformation Layer

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HTML Features run in the Zephr CDN Transformation Layer are one of the quickest and simplest ways to integrate Zephr journeys onto your site.

Using the Zephr CDN

Before you can build this type of HTML Feature, you need to be using the CDN. In order to do this, you need to have one or more Sites set up within your Zephr Delivery Module.

If you don’t have any Sites configured, follow our Sites Guide before returning to this page.

Transformation Layer HTML Features

Once you have your Sites configured, navigate to Products > Features and click Add A Feature.

Give your Feature a Title, and select HTML for the Type of Integration. You can also choose the Type of Feature – which refers to the type of content the Feature is transforming.

Click Continue.

A new page will open, showing the Developer Interface. The Developer Interface contains the tools needed by a developer to hook Zephr up to your site.

To run your HTML Rule within the Zephr CDN (Transformation Layer), locate the Where To Run? heading and select Run in Site CDN.

Below you will have the option to select whether web crawlers can access the content in the feature, and can choose whether to integrate your rule using Comment Tags or CSS Selectors. Information on both options can be found on the main HTML Features page.

Once complete, click Update & Lock. You can now build and manage your rule as usual, and it will run using the Zephr CDN.