Zephr User Guide

Add a Browser-side HTML Feature

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Before building this type of feature, ensure that you use the Zephr CDN and have set up one or more sites.

For further information on configuring your site for in-browser HTML features, see the Configure Your Site topic.

To use HTML features in the browser, complete the following steps:

  1. Add an HTML feature as described in the Add a Feature topic
  2. When you complete the Developer Interface, select the Run in Browser radio button from the Where to Run? radio options

    Note: The CSS Selector radio button is automatically selected from the Site Integration options when running in the browser. For further information on using CSS Selectors, see the CSS Selectors Use topic. For further information on the CSS Selectors supported by Zephr, see the Supported CSS Selectors topic.

  3. Complete the Developer Interface settings, as described in the Developer Interface for HTML topic

    Note: You can also use HTML features with the Zephr CDN transformation layer. For further information on implementing HTML features with the CDN transformation layer, see the HTML Features in the CDN Transformation Layer topic.