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Configure JavaScript Run Method

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You can use the following main arguments with the JavaScript run method:

  • cdnApi [String]

    This is the Zephr CDN API base URL. For further information, see CDN API Endpoint below

  • jwt [String]

    This is the JSON Web Token (JWT) used for authentication

  • customData [Object]

    This allows you to pass additional string key/value pairs for use in decisions. These define the parameter that you can use when building custom decisions

    For example, you could configure the following types of customData points:

    • pageType. For example, this could define a page as an article, slideshow, or homepage
    • contentLabel. For example, this could define the type of information on the page as news, opinion, or column
    • pageIsSponsored. For example, this could indicate whether the content is sponsored using true or false values

Note: It can take a while for the page to load to your origin CMS, depending on the number of third-party scripts. If this is causing issues, you can configure cache rules to minimise the delay. For further information on configuring cache rules, see the Configure Cache Rules topic.

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