Zephr User Guide

Optimised Process

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To mitigate these issues using the optimised process, complete the following steps:

  1. Remove the explicit cdnAPI endpoint configuration from the JavaScript run() method

    This means that API calls are made using the Origin as a destination, as shown in the following example Request URLs:

    • https://latestnews.cdn.arcpublishing.com/zephr/feature
    • https://latestnews.cdn.arcpublishing.com/zephr/feature-decisions
  2. The requests are received by the server and a proxy rule applied

    The configured proxy rule changes the Origin to the actual API endpoint and path used in Zephr, as shown in the following example Request URLs:

    • https://latestnews.cdn.zephr.com/zephr/feature
    • https://latestnews.cdn.zephr.com/zephr/feature-decisions