Zephr User Guide

Standard Process

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To mitigate these issues using the standard process, complete the following steps:

  1. Use the explicit cdnAPI endpoint configuration from the JavaScript run() method
  2. Add a <subdomain>.cdn.<server>.com subdomain

    For example, if using Arc XP, you could add a subdomain called latestnews.cdn.arcpublishing.com
  3. Add the subdomain as an extra site domain in the Admin Console

    For further information on adding an extra site domain, see the Go-live Guide topic.
  4. Configure a CNAME record for the domain, which points to the Zephr API endpoint, {yoursite}.cdn.zephr.com

    For example, for the site named above, you would configure the CNAME record as follows:

    latestnews.cdn.arcpublishing.com canonical name = latestnews.cdn.zehr.com

Note: When repeating this process before going live, you must add another production subdomain. For example, latestnews.newspaper.com.