Zephr User Guide

Use Zephr Functionality Through Third-Party CDNs

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If you use an existing, non-Zephr CDN, but want to benefit from Zephr’s various out-of-the-box elements, such as forms, extensions and SSO, you can use browser-side HTML features.

To use the out-of-the-box functionality provided by Zephr, you must deploy a JavaScript library to your site pages and proxy requests to forward all /zephr and /blaize calls.

This approach requires the following:

  • Access to your CDN configuration. This is needed to forward all the /zephr and /blaize calls
  • Depending on the component you want to use, any relevant field must be passed as part of the reverse proxy call

To use out-of-the-box Zephr functionality, you must reverse or forward proxy any browser requests to www.domain.com/blaize* and www.domain.com/zephr* from your domain to the Zephr CDN, using the same paths.

Depending on the type of RegEx you use, the pattern is either /blaize* or /blaize/*.

The flow for a forward request from a browser-side integration that uses a third-party CDN is as illustrated below:

Forward Path Request Browser Side JS Integration (Non-CDN)

To follow this flow, you must do the following:

When this is done, you can use Zephr’s out-of-the-box functionality in your in-browser HTML features.