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Frictionless Checkout Form

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You can use frictionless checkout forms to add a seamless checkout form to your site.

Before you can use a seamless checkout form, you must have set up the following:

  • Your payment provider, as described in the Payments section
  • A product that uses a corresponding payment option, as described in the Create a Product topic

Use a Frictionless Checkout Form to build a seamless journey from anonymous to customer.


  1. This form can only be used if you are using Braintree or Stripe as your payment provider. For further information on payment providers, see the Payments topic
  2. You cannot use the Sales Tax extension with a Frictionless Checkout Form
  3. If you have the company account redirect feature enabled for your site, and an end user completes a Frictionless Checkout Form, Zephr checks the membership options for your company accounts. The company account redirect feature then does the following:
    • If the email domain matches one defined in the membership options, and there is a login and/or registration page associated with the account, the end user is redirected to that page
    • If the email domain matches more than one company account, the user is not redirected
    • If you have defined multiple login and/or registration pages for the account, the end user is redirected to one of these pages at random. This is only applicable if you have defined multiple pages outside the Admin Console, as you cannot define multiple login or registration pages in Zephr

    When the end user completes the login or registration on the page, they are returned to the article they were reading before completing the Frictionless Checkout Form.

    For further information on company accounts, see the Companies & Accounts topic. If the company account redirect feature is not enabled on your site, but you would like to use it, contact support.

In this approach, you can use the Frictionless Checkout Form in either your anonymous or registered user rule, as follows:

  • In an anonymous rule, the verification step displays and Zephr checks whether the supplied email is associated with an existing registered user
  • In a registered user rule, the verification step is skipped

Note: If you have enabled shareable products, you can define the invitation to offer people a seat in the shared product. This is done in the Successful Payment options. For further information on defining the invitation, see the Successful Payment topic.

For further information on the flow with and without the verification step, see the Define the Authentication topic.

For further information on building a Frictionless Checkout Form, see the Create a Frictionless Checkout Form topic.