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Define Your Products and Payments

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You define the products and their associated payment options that are displayed to your end user in the products and payments section.

To define the products and associated payment plans, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Products & Payment Plans button

    The Products & Payment Plans screen displays, as illustrated below:

    Products & Payment Plans

    By default, the Title text box is pre-filled with Plan Select. This is displayed on the progress bar. You can edit the text if required.

  2. Select the Add a Payment Option button from the Payment Options section

    The Add a Payment Option dialog box displays, as illustrated below:

    Add a Payment Option

    To complete the Add a Payment Option dialog box, complete the following steps:

    1. Select the plan you want to use from the Select a plan drop-down menu

      If you have several products set up, you can select plans for each product. The available plans are listed under each product, as illustrated below:

      Available plans

    2. If you want to add the Recommended tag to the option, select the Highlight Plan toggle

      For example if you offer a monthly plan at a cost of $10 each month and an annual plan at a cost of $100 each year, you could recommend the annual option as it offers the best value.

    3. Enter the description of the plan as you want it to appear on your site in the Description text box

      Note: If you want to format the text, for example to include a heading or a list, use the formatting bar at the top of the text box.

    4. Select the Add button to save your changes and return to the Products & Payment Plans screen. Selecting the Cancel button displays the Products & Payment Plans screen without saving any changes

      The payment option is listed in the Payment Options section.

  3. To show a link that allows registered users to log in, select the Show Login Link toggle

    The text as it displays on your site, and fields to change this text display, as illustrated below:

    Available plans

    You can change the displayed text by editing the Already Registered Text and Login Link Text text boxes. The example text updates as you edit the text boxes.

    You can change the URL for the login link by editing the Login URL text box.

  4. Select the Done button to return to the Add Frictionless Form screen

When you publish your feature, the payment options display in your site in a similar way to the following:

Payment Options As Displayed on Your Site