Zephr User Guide

Understand the Data

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You can use the data from the Zephr Journey analytics to inform decisions about your end users’ journey and subscription experience.

You can determine which path is most frequently followed, and use this information to determine the rules and outcomes that provide the most value to your business. Conversely, you can identify paths that fewer, or no, end users follow, and eliminate any rules and outcomes that do not provide value to your business.

For example, the illustration below provides the following data:

  • 25 end users encountered the feature
  • 60% of the traffic were able to access the feature as part of a daily trial
  • 48% of the traffic encountered a generic paywall when their trial expired
  • No end users encountered the specialised Sports Paywall

Zephr Journey - Complex Rule

You can use this data to tailor your rules to meet your business goals, as shown in the following examples:

  • If you want to allow access to the feature for fewer end users, you can experiment by lowering the trial limit
  • As no end users are viewing content on /sports at the end of their trial, you could consider the following:
    • Invest less in this offering and its specific paywall
    • Change the offering and specific paywall to offer access to another area of your site, such as /recipes, and examine the take-up of this offer