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Optimize - Zephr Journey

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Optimize includes Zephr Journey to allow you to stay ahead of the curve using a visual traffic flow.

By viewing how your site traffic flows through different branches of your rules, Zephr Journey helps you recognise rule paths that are thriving and those that aren’t delivering value.

Using Zephr Journey

The in-rule analytics available with Zephr Journey can be seen within any Feature rule.

To view this data, navigate to Products > Features and select the Feature you wish to view data on, then select the live version of the rule. If you wish to create a new Feature, you will need to create and publish the new version in order to see data.

At the top of the rules builder, you will see a toggle with two options – Edit and Analytics. To view your Zephr Journey data, select the Analytics option.

We recommend you view this data in full-screen mode.

Viewing Your Analytics

Once you’re in the Analytics view, you will see the branches of your rule have thickened, and the output option names flowing from your decision points have additional information next to them.

For rules that are newly published or do not have any user data associated with them, the additional information next to the output options will say No Record.

Zephr Journey - No Data
For rules that have data associated with them, the output options will display their name, along with the number and percentage of users who have journeyed down that branch of the rule.

Zephr Journey - 100/0 Split

For example, in the image above, 100% of the traffic for this feature rule has journeyed to the Mobile experience.

The colour of each branch will vary between black and shades of grey, depending on how much traffic has journeyed down that particular branch of the rule.

Zephr Journey - 67/33 Split

The darker the line, the more traffic that has reached this point of the journey. In the example above, 12 visitors, or 67% of traffic has reached the Mobile Registration Outcome, whilst 6 users or 33% of traffic has reached the Registration Outcome. As a result, the branch to the Mobile Registration Outcome is darker.

Interpreting Your Data

Zephr Journey allows you to inform your decision-making process for your user journey and subscription experience.

By reviewing the path your users most frequently go down, you are able to determine which rules and outcomes are valuable to your business, and which are not.

Zephr Journey - Complex Rule

In the example above, we can see that, out of 25 views, 60% of traffic was shown an article as part of a daily trial. Meanwhile, the other 40% of traffic saw a generic paywall once their trial expired and zero users saw the specialised Sports Paywall.

Reading into this data, we can tailor our rules to best meet our business goals. For example, if we feel showing an article to 60% of the traffic is too high, we can experiment with lowering the trial limit. Likewise, we can gather from this data that users are not viewing content at /sports once their trial has finished, so perhaps less resource can be spent on this special offering and section-specific paywall.

Reviewing Old Data

Once a new version of your rule has been published, the analytics for your older version will remain in place for you to review.

If a version of the rule was created before the introduction of Zephr Journey and has not been live since it was released, it will not display any associated data.

Viewing Conversion Rates

You can view conversion rates on relevant outcomes, such as Registration, Payment and Data Capture forms or custom content blocks, in a Feature Rule.

For further information on using conversion data in custom content blocks, see the Building a Custom Component Block topic.

The conversion rates are shown as the total number of converted users and as a percentage of the total users.

To view the conversion rates, select Analytics in the rules builder.

You can use the displayed data to decide how to adjust your rule to increase the percentages.

The conversion rates display as illustrated below:

Conversion Data

Site-Specific Analytics

When using Zephr Journey, the traffic and data flow you see are specific to a Feature rule. If the Feature is in use on more than one site, the analytics you see will be cumulative for all sites running this Feature.

If you wish to have analytics specific to a site, we recommend you do a Site check at the beginning of your rule to divert traffic based on-site, or create separate features for each Site.

Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager for more details on how to do this.