Zephr User Guide

Add Promo Codes

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To add promo codes for Braintree, complete the following steps:

  1. Create your discounts in Braintree, as described in the Braintree Add-ons and Discounts guide
  2. Select the Promo Codes button on the Braintree screenThe Your Promo Codes screen displays, as illustrated below:

    Promo Codes

  3. Select the Add a Promo Code button
  4. Enter the code you want your customers to use in the Code text box; for example, 20Off
  5. Select the type of discount to apply from the Discount Type options. The options are as follows:
    • Percentage. This applies a percentage discount to the total price
    • Absolute. This reduces the total price by a specific amount
  6. Enter the amount of discount to apply in the Discount Amount text boxFor example, if you enter 15 in this text box, depending on the type of discount you have specified, this either applies a 15% discount or subtracts 15 from the total price.

    Note: Zephr uses the discount amount defined here when applying discounts and not the Discount Amount defined in Braintree.

  7. Enter the number of billing cycles to which the discount applies in the Billing Cycles text boxNote: Zephr uses the billing cycles defined here when applying discounts and not the Billing Cycles defined in Braintree.
  8. If required, enter a limit for the amount of discount available to each customer in the Limit text box
  9. Enter the Discount ID or Discount Name used by Braintree in the Braintree Discount ID text box
  10. Select the Add button to add the discount and return to the Braintree screen