Zephr User Guide

Configure the Payment Form

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To configure the payment form, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Payment Form Configuration button

    The Payment Form Configuration screen displays, as illustrated below:


  2. Enter your public key in the Chargify.js Public Key text boxNote:

    You can find your API key in the Integrations section of your Chargify account

  3. If you want to accept PayPal payments on your site, select the Accept payPal payments checkbox

    Note: The only payment gateway in Chargify that can accept PayPal payments is Braintree. Ensure that you have linked a Braintree account and configured it as the default gateway for PayPal payments in your Chargify console

  4. If you want to display fields that allows the end user to enter their first and last name, select the Show First Name/Last Name fields checkbox
  5. If you want to display a field that allows the end user to enter their Card Verification Value (CVV), select the Show CVV field checkbox
  6. If you want to display fields that allow the end user to enter their billing address, select the Show Billing Address fields checkbox


    1. If you do not select any checkboxes that allow the user to enter information, the payment form only displays the following fields:
      • Card number
      • Expiry month
      • Expiry date
    2. The Chargify billing name and address fields correspond to billing information. The name and address user attributes in Zephr correspond to shipping information
    3. If you require country and/or state information for tax reasons but do not want to explicitly ask the end user to supply the information, you can use the Zephr Geosync extension to estimate customer location based on IP address
  7. If you have Multiple Payment Gateways enabled in Chargify, you can route payments for all products in nominated Product Families to a specific Payment Gateway

    To do this, enter the gateway configuration in the Product Family -> Payment Gateway Handle Mapping (optional) text box

    To configure your gateway, you need the following information from your Chargify console:

    • The IDs of Product Families in Chargify that you want to map

      To find the IDs, complete the following steps in your Chargify console:

      1. Select Catalog
      2. Select Products

        Your products display, grouped by Product Family. The ID for the Product Family is located next to the headers.

    • The Gateway Handles for your Payment GatewaysTo find the Gateway Handles, complete the following steps in your Chargify console:
      1. Select Config
      2. Select Payment Gateways
      3. Select a gatewayThe handle for the selected gateway displays.

      The routing is configured using a JSON object in the following format:


      This configuration means that any products purchased from the product family with an ID of MY_CHARGIFY_PRODUCT_FAMILY_ID is routed to the payment gateway with a handle of MY_PAYMENT_GATEWAY_HANDLE.

      For example to configure separate gateways for PayPal and card payments, enter the following:

          “My_product_family_id”: {
              “card”: “gateway_handle_for_card_payments”,
              “pay_pal”: “gateway_handle_for_paypal_payments”
  8. Select the Done button to save your payment form configuration and return to the Chargify screen. Selecting the Cancel button displays the Chargify screen without saving any changes

You must recreate the payment form as a feature outcome in Zephr. For further information on creating a payment form in Zephr, see the Payment Forms section.