Zephr User Guide

Configure Sales Tax in Braintree

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To configure a sales tax in Braintree, complete the following steps:

  1. Login to your Braintree account
  2. Select Subscriptions
  3. Select Add Ons/Discounts
  4. Select Create an Add-On
  5. Enter the following information for your add on:
    • ID
    • Name
    • Optionally, Description
  6. Set the Add On amount to 1Note: Zephr uses the Add On based on a percentage of the purchase price, so you can set this amount field to any figure. For further information on configuring the sales tax in Zephr, see the Configure Sales Tax in Zephr topic
  7. In the Duration selection, select whether the charge applies to the duration of the subscription, or for a set number of billing cyclesNote: A sales tax is likely to be needed for the Duration of the Subscription
  8. Select CreateThe Add On Details display.
  9. Note the Add On IDYou might have set this, or it might have been randomly generated.