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Hosted UI Components

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In addition to UI Components, which are blocks of custom code stored within Zephr, we also allow Hosted UI Components to be used as Transformations within Feature Rules.

Hosted UI Components allow you to add a UI component which is hosted outside of Zephr, to display in place of transformed content.

To use a Hosted UI Component, navigate to the relevant Feature Rule, and select Hosted UI Component from the Transformations Segment.

Enter the URL of the Hosted UI Component, and click Save.

Hosted UI Component

Once added, connect the Hosted UI Component to your Rule flow as normal.

It’s important to note that Zephr may cache Hosted UI Components for up to 24 hours. With this in mind, we recommend you use a cache-busting parameter when setting the link to your Hosted UI Component, and updating this if a change is made.

For example, in the URL https://cms.example.com/ui-component.html?v=2, the parameter is ?v=2. Using a similar system where the UI Component is hosted, and updating the link within Zephr, will ensure the correct UI Component is always shown. In the case of the URL above, this could become https://cms.example.com/ui-component.html?v=3.