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Churn Rate

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The churn rate is calculated using an industry-standard calculation, as shown below:

Zephr Trends - Churn Rate

As this shows, the number of customers you lost over the period is divided by the total number of customers you had, plus any new customers you gained in the same period. The result of this calculation is multiplied by 100 to provide the percentage of users that were lost in the period.

The graph also shows the running average over time. We provide this information as large spikes in your churn rate do not necessarily give a true reflection of the state of the business, as shown in the following illustration:

Zephr Trend - Churn Rate Graph - A line graph showing a 421% churn rate for one particular day.

You can also see the year-on-year analysis of your churn rate in the graph.

You can focus on a specific period by dragging the ends of the slider beneath the graph, as illustrated below:

Zephr Trends - Graph slider